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Soft Cover Transparent Samsung Galaxy S22

Soft Cover Transparent Samsung Galaxy S22

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Krusell TPU smartphone cover is the Ideal and most elegant protection for your smartphone. The high-quality TPU protects your precious smartphone against impact, scratches, dirt, and stains.
If you like the design of your smartphone this is the most elegant solution as it is slim and 100% transparent and shows all the nice details on your smartphone.
Designed with precision cutouts for all functions and easy-to-press covers on all buttons, without adding bulk.
Krusell's Nordic discreet design always brings fashion to your phone.

A CASE OF SWEDISH DESIGN: The discreet elegant cover in transparent material really helps show the beautiful smartphone design without adding unnecessary distractions.

MODERN EVERYDAY USE: Ultrathin cover and lightweight materials make this easy to use and fit perfectly in your pockets.

PROTECTION. Durable and shock absorbent TPU material protects your phone against impact, scratches, dirt, and stains. The soft material creates a solid and nonslip grip to keep the phone from slipping
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