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Sandby Cover for Apple iPhone XR

Sandby Cover for Apple iPhone XR

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Super slim lightweight phone case with good grip for Apple iPhone XR. Sandby is a super thin case moulded perfectly for the iPhone XR and it protects your phone without adding any bulk. The phone case has perfect cutouts for all functions and is compatible with wireless charging so you never have to remove the cover. The polished sandstone texture gives you a good grip and a stylish look. The grip is important as the iPhone XR has a glass covered back, which tend to be slippery. The Sandby phone case has a raised lip around the camera to protect it. See our wide collection of colours and pick the one that suits you the best.

Sandby Collection – Super slim lightweight protection

A lightweight and elegant cover with a surface that is polished to a sandstone texture. Inspired by the swedish coastline and it´s rocky islands. The matte sandstone finish assists the grip and reduces the possibility of the phone slipping from your hand.

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